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UPDATED: May 30,2005

Hello, and welcome to my site!  This site is devoted to the train photos that I have taken.  I will share some of them here with you. I hope that you like what you see here.  Please take note that the work that you see here is protected by copyright laws.  If you see something like you would like to use for anything other than personal use, please contact me prior to doing so.

This site contains photos of CSX, NS, GNRR, TVRM and other railroads and or rail related material.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you enjoy!


Updated May 30, 2005


There are new pictures on the CSX and the Norfolk Southern (NS) page for you to view.



The TVRM picture section will also be updated very soon. I plan on returning to the TVRM to shoot many pics of the latest and greatest work there, so stay tuned.  You do not wnat to miss these pics. <expected post date is in June, 2005>

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

This is one of my favorite places to go on a short day trip.  It's the only place close to me that has steam operations on a regular basis.  To learn more about TVRM, click on the link above. This is also the home of the "famous"     Southern 4501. They run local trips at the museum and they also do steam and desiel excursions into upper morth GA. If you love steam or vintage rolling stcok, this is the place to go and spend the day!